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Top 10 tips while choosing the right IVF clinic for you

If you’re considering going to a fertility clinic as your next step, do some research before making your decision.

You may have many questions about where to start when you begin your journey with IVF, and we understand that it can be both exciting and overwhelming. We have compiled a list of important research points and key decisions to help you choose the right fertility clinic.

Choose a clinic with the best expertise, reputation, and experience. However, it is equally important to choose the clinic that is right for you, with the right team, state-of-the-art facilities, a personalized approach, the correct values, and the right level of support to ensure a smooth and stress-free IVF journey.

In this article, we give you our top 10 tips on how to choose the right fertility clinic for IVF.

1. Do your research

When you have so many fertility clinics to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. Do your research before making any decisions. Does the clinic offer a variety of treatments and specialized techniques? What kind of support does the clinic provide during your treatment? Can you get there easily? We’ve put together some tips and advice on how to research the right clinic for you.

2. Fertility clinic staff

There are many aspects of this environment that should make you feel hopeful, from the nurses to the front office staff and billing. There is no doubt that the doctor is one of the most significant aspects of fertility medicine. However, even the most talented doctor in the world is only as good as the people under her/his care. In the clinic, patients depend on the staff to handle the scheduling of appointments, follow up with doctor’s orders, coordinate treatment plans, facilitate tests, and monitor their progress on a regular basis.

There is also a possibility that knowledgeable staff will be able to guide patients away from dangerous complications and prevent minor mistakes made by patients in taking medicines to improve their chances of success. There is no doubt that having competent staff makes a clinic feel better in general. You should never underestimate the mood or the energy you feel when you are in a good mood.

As a result of our amazing team, we receive a lot of positive reviews.

See some of our patient’s reviews of our staff

One of the best hospital in city Dr Prakash and all the staff very friendly behaviour and very helpful… Thanks God for connect such a good people’s…

Good staff, cleanliness is decent, rooms are perfect and doctors there gives best advice possible for treatment and polite, gives proper time to patients…

Excellent IVF center with all well behaved and trained staff available 24×7..

Mane shukan hospital ma Bahu j Santosh thayo 6 doctor staff Ane narsing staff Bahu j Saro 6

From start to finish everybody at Shukan Hospital and the IVF center were so friendly and accommodating. We felt totally at ease and had full confidence in everybody here.

The staff is fabulous. We will be recommending them to people.

Very good, helpful staff, friendly team and professional and you can have a laugh with them.

Find out more about our expert doctors and staff by visiting our Meet the team page.

3. Clinic accessibility

Do you have access to your doctor for appointments? Is it possible to schedule an appointment around your schedule, or do you have to stop what you’re doing and fit it into theirs? Inflexible appointment times and impossible hours should not make fertility treatment

Selecting a fertility clinic shouldn’t be based on the clinic’s location. Fertility treatments often require travel, and it’s worth travelling farther if you want a better chance at becoming pregnant.

Considering the potential outcomes is more important than location when making such a commitment. Because surrogacy and egg donation is illegal in some states and countries, most fertility clinics accept patients from abroad. Since IVF treatment requires patients to be near the clinic for 5-10 days, many people travel around the world for treatment.

For more information, please visit our international patient section.

4. Level of communication

Communication is the key to a successful fertility practice. Does the doctor have time to answer your questions? Is it difficult to reach the hospital? Can they remember who you are? When you call someone, do they return your call?

Additionally, does the doctor explain the process to you when you talk to her/him? An organization’s ability to communicate well is an indication of its effectiveness. Your embryos and care should be in the hands of a well-functioning agency and clinic.

5. How much will an IVF cost in India?

Make sure you know exactly what the costs will be before you commit yourself. Does the clinic provide a transparent list of all its prices? Can it be made more affordable and transparent through a choice of inclusive packages? We at Shukan Hospital and IVF Centre publish all our prices in a transparent manner because we are open and honest with our patients. In case you have any questions about our prices and packages, our New Patient
The team will be happy to explain them to you.

Are there any ‘hidden’ extras you might be surprised to find?

There is no hidden extra cost but PgT, ERA, and freezing may cost you extra. The hospital guides you about that.

6. IVF Success rates.

A number of factors influence the success rate of IVF, including the reason for infertility, where it is performed, whether your eggs are frozen or fresh, and whether they are donated or your own.

The truth is that some fertility clinics fail to report failed or complicated fertility cycles, or simply turn away patients with extremely low fertility chances to maintain their high success rates. Therefore, you should always consult with the IVF clinic’s staff and doctors when choosing your fertility clinic, as publicly available success rates aren’t the most reliable factor.

There is no such thing as an apples-to-apples comparison between one clinic’s success rate and another’s since you cannot see what happens behind closed doors.

To find success stories of Shukan Hospital and the IVF center, visit our video testimonial section.

7. What kind of support and counseling is available for IVF couples?

Life-changing experiences can begin with fertility treatment. Aside from exceptional clinical care, it’s also reassuring to know there are experts you can trust and speak with openly who can provide you with support and counseling. Shukan hospital and IVF center offer on-call counseling with our team of supportive counselors to provide maximum flexibility. Garbhsanskar sessions are also provided by Shukan hospital and IVF center on a periodic

Here is what our patient at Shukan Hospital and IVF center said…

Every time we visited during our IVF cycles, we felt more positive and empowered after each meeting. We had the privilege of attending a Garbhsanskar session that runs at the clinic during our pregnancy and I would recommend it to anyone seeking or currently experiencing pregnancy. It helps you process how you’re feeling and benefits you from being around like-minded people.

I was suffering from severe PCOD. I was trying to Conceive since 3 years but was not aware of my situation. I visited shukan ivf center 6 months ago. Dr Prakash Patel & Dr Ajay Prajapati sir were so helpful here. I’m taking my treatment here with their guidance and their best knowledge. I’m more than satisfied with the hospital and all staff

Genuine doctors with assuring treatment results.

Complete care with proper gauidance..

Best for infertility treatments. Doctors are polite and provide only needful prescription which definetly helps to sustain pregnancy..!

It took us more than 5yrs of negative results

But just after 2months of our visit to sukan we got positive results.. A must visit centre for infertility and related treatments.

8. Reviews and ratings are a great guide

In terms of getting a sense of what the whole IVF experience is like at a clinic, independent reviews are great. Visit independent review sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and youtube to see how previous patients have found Shukan Hospital and IVF center’s Excellent Patient Experience’. You can also watch patient testimonials on the website of the Shukan Hospital and IVF center.

9. Speak to someone who knows the clinic

If you have a family member or friend who has undergone IVF treatment, you might be able to get their thoughts and experiences. Alternatively, if you don’t know anyone, you could read some first-hand testimonials or stories of patients who’ve gone through the same experience.

10. Take your time – it’ll be worth it

While we understand how eager you must be to begin your IVF journey, this is one decision you shouldn’t rush. Do your research, ask questions, and talk to people who have experienced this to make sure you know what you are getting into.

At Shukan Hospital & IVF center, you’ll discover a calm, welcoming clinic with a warm and reassuring atmosphere and an amazing team of friendly experts lead by Dr. Prakash Patel. A place where you’ll be given plenty of time and freedom to discuss your questions.

Do you think we’re the right clinic for you? We hope so. One of our thousands of successful IVF patients over the past three decades leaves us with the following words:

We both wanted to thank all the lovely staff at Shukan IVF center for making our dreams come true! We appreciate the compassion, patience, and help that was provided to us through this journey. We are still in awe that we have two beautiful babies, first a boy then a girl. Thank you all so much for all of your support to help bring these beautiful angels into the world. We will forever be grateful to each of you

Shukan hospital is best hospital in ahmedabad.i am very satisfied from my surgery.This is best hospital in laproscopy I am totally happy and heathy.Dr Prakash Patel is best laparoscopic surgeon in Ahmedabad.thank you so much for your care and services.well trained staff and best hospital.

Nice service Excellent good performance

Best experience in hospital.

Feel like homely.we are very anxious before surgery but counselling and service of doctors specially dr Prakash Patel (Gynecologist) and dr Ajay Prajapati (Gynecologist) make us homely and cesarean of my wife done smoothly and without any complications.all nursing staff are very Co operative specially Harshad and Varsha and night staff being helpful in all condition.I thank Shukan hospital for giving best service.I definitely suggest all couple to take opinion from Shukan hospital.👍

Shukan IVF centre is one of the best IVF centre of Ahmedabad.Dr.Ajay Prajapati is the best IVF specialist of Ahmedabad.I strongly recommend the shukan IVF centre and women’s Hospital….

If you’d like to know more about Shukan Hospital & IVF center treatments, our friendly expert team, and medical experts, you can contact our New Patient Team at +91 91731 30391

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