Having a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy begins well before you have a positive result on a test.


Having a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy begins well before you have a positive result on a test. Women need to prepare for their health before pregnancy to have a smooth journey. Preconception counseling is a visit with your doctor where you discuss many aspects of pregnancy and plan for a healthy pregnancy.

During this procedure, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Family History
  • Medical History
  • Obstetric History
  • Physical Examination
  • Lab Test

We may suggest different lifestyle changes and healthcare suggestions to couple planning pregnancy

  • Losing weight
  • Quitting smoking or drinking
  • Not taking medications that could be harmful to the pregnancy
    (always speak to your doctor before starting or stopping a
  • Updating your immunizations
  • Taking recommended vitamins (including prenatal vitamins)
  • Avoiding extra stress
  • Seeing specialists for medical problems before conceiving

The feeling of motherhood after delivering a baby is the most divine feeling that a woman experiences and we are here to make your journey memorable, joyful and fearless till a healthy baby comes into your lap.

Our hospital is designed to take care of women before, during, and after childbirth ensuring the mother and baby reach their full potential for health and well-being. Our team of best obstetricians, Nursing staff, and caretakers will ensure that you receive excellent care and good support especially during labor to cope with the physical and emotional challenges

Our obstetric unit boasts of well equipped facilities like

  • Advanced labour room with interconnecting OT
  • CTG machine for intrapartum monitoring
  • Facility for Epidural analgesia
  • Emergency Facilities with In-house gynecologist, Anaestehsist and
  • Basic Newborn Care

Our team of skilled obstetrician, experienced Anaestheists and best pediatricians are available 24/7 and they successfully manage all high risks pregnancy.

Our dedicated team deal with treatment of medical diseases in pregnancy like hypertension ,diabetes, hypothyroidism,Heart disease, Renal disease, obesity, autoimmune diseases, anemia efficiently.

We also manage high risk pregnancy like antepartum haemorrhage, twins pregnancy, multiple previous lscs, low birth weight babies, preterm labour, oligo- hydraminos with good results.

We also cater to women having multiple previous abortions and repeated pregnancy loss and have given successful pregnancies.



The first time mothers are filled with apprehension and innumerable questions. They get their queries solved by consulting their elders and now newsgroups.They develop misconceptions and fears regarding pregnancy and Labour.

The perception of pain during Labour and delivery varies between individuals.

Painless delivery refers to the use of an epidural injection which is given by an anaesthesiologist for pain relief during labour. It is injected in the lower back during active labour.

Epidural doesn’t always provide 100% pain relief, but it substantially reduces pain and sensations in the lower half of the body, however the movements are not impaired.


  • It helps a woman cope better with post-partum depression or exhaustion.
  • It relaxes the vaginal muscles and provides space for the baby to descend.
  • It decreases the blood pressure of the mother which is good because in natural labor, the mother has high BP and there are risks of the pressure reaching dangerously high levels and ending in a stroke.


  • It could cause backache, dizziness, or shivering.
  • A decrease in the mother’s blood pressure can lead to a slowing down of heartbeat rate in the baby
  • There is a risk of experiencing headache because of the Epidural analgesia-leakage of cerebrospinal fluid of the spine.

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